What if you could….

learn how to quietly yet powerfully revolutionize your life?  What if you could clear away the chatter and noise so you can hear what you actually think? What if you could learn how to release your own voice instead of listening to all of the others?  What if you could learn how your brain works based on the latest discoveries and conclusions of neuroscience?  What if you could renegotiate fearful memories? What if you learn how to identify where tension and trauma reside in your body and how to release it? What if you could learn simple techniques to quiet your mind and increase your focus and have a more positive mind?  Does this sound interesting to you?

It’s all more simple than you may think! With just a little bit of education you can learn how to use some simple techniques to de-stress, detoxify and de-traumatize your mind and body.  That does not mean that your issues are small, just that there are some simple things you can learn to do that may help.

I use a combination of NeuroSculpting® meditation practices and some simple yet powerful writing techniques to quiet your mind and to release fearful and traumatic residue and to release your true, inner voice. NeuroSculpting® is an easy-to-learn yet powerful whole-brain, meditation practice grounded in modern neuroscience and in the principle of neuroplasticity. Once you learn how to use it, you will never forget it!

See the workshops and classes page to learn these techniques. Or if you prefer, we can work in an individual setting.  It is my mission to help you learn basic principles of health and wellness!