What if you could….

have the most significant and important conversations of your life?  What if you could learn how to hear and release your inner voice?  What if you could learn how your brain works based on the latest discoveries and conclusions of neuroscience?  What if you could renegotiate fearful memories? What if you learn how to identify where tension and trauma reside in your body and how to release it? What if you could learn simple techniques to  have a more positive mind?  Does this sound interesting to you?

With just a little bit of education you can learn how to use some simple techniques to detoxify and de-stress your mind and body.  That does not mean that your issues are small.  But simply there are some simple things you can learn to do that can help.

I use a combination of NeuroSculpting® meditation practices and some simple yet powerful writing techniques to release fearful and traumatic residue and to release your true, inner voice. NeuroSculpting® is an easy-to-learn yet powerful whole-brain, meditation practice grounded in modern neuroscience and in the principle of neuroplasticity. Once you learn how to use it, you will never forget it!

Also, coming in the Fall 2019, I can share a somatic approach to help release stress from the body. This approach is a set of exercises known as TRE® which stands for Tension Releasing Exercises. These simple exercises can help release tension and stress that is locked up in your body.  TRE® is another great way you can learn to release the tension you carry and regulate your emotions and nervous systems.

We can meet in a class setting.  Look in the Workshops page for class events. Or if you prefer, we can work in an individual setting.  It is my mission to help you learn basic principles of stress release as well as helping you increase personal vision, releasing your inner voice and moving in your power.

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