Blog Post by – Steve Tanner

We humans as a species want to thrive. The design and purpose of the life force (mental, physical and spiritual life) that God placed within us is to maintain health and to thrive and prosper. To simply survive we need shelter, security and food. But to thrive and prosper we need peace, love, clarity, purpose and prolonged physical health. This is without dispute.

However, many of us struggle to have clarity, purpose or love. And consequently we may be robbed of health and peace. Religions point us to the transcendent and the divine. Many therapies analyze pathologies we harbor within us (physical and mental). And popular culture seems obsessed with comfort and pleasure. Why not make the life force within us the focus of our attention instead? Why not simply give our focus to and be instructed by our own innate compulsion to thrive and prosper?

When we have greater awareness of the life force within us and bring our actions, thoughts and words into harmony with it, we prosper and thrive. We have more clarity and purpose. As our awareness of our life force increases we are instructed by it. We learn truth and wisdom in our own individual ways. The life force within us may indeed reflect the transcendent and divine, but fashioned in unique and wonderfully individual ways. As your awareness of the life force in you grows, your truth and your story will emerge with more clarity and purpose.  This is why I favor meditation, journaling and dream interpretation as great tools to increase our awareness of the gift of life that God has placed within us.

Steve Tanner (MDiv, CNSF, CTA CC) is a  Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator, a Life & Transformation Coach and a member of the Idaho Life Coach Association. Steve believes in the power of using writing and Meditation as tools for exploring your creativity as well as finding healing and transformation. For info about workshops and seminars contact or visit


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