In some contexts we do not like to hear people raising their voices. For example, in the workplace, in intimate relationships, when talking about politics or speaking with law enforcement. Raising your voice in these contexts will likely bring a negative response.

However, in other contexts raising your voice is appreciated and can be fun such as at a sporting event, at a wedding, at church, at a party etc. In these situation raising your voice at the right moment can be fun, encouraging and exhilarating.

Some people are very glad to raise their voices for others to hear. Others feel that raising their voice at all is inappropriate. When I was very young we lived in the Philippines for two years. We did not have TV there. We lived in a small neighborhood adjoined to a hospital. Sometimes we had movie nights at the hospital where we watched movies or American TV via a movie projector. One of the doctors who lived next door to us was the self-appointed movie and TV show commentator. He would interject some commentary at key points kind of like Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Usually he got some laughs. Often we tuned him out. Occasionally he was just inappropriate which brought the ire of other parents…and his wife!   

In the context of working with a Life Coach raising your voice is a critical part of the conversation. Some people have no problem raising their voices like the good doctor. Yet many people are hesitant. Either way ‘Raising your Voice’ is critical to the progress of coaching sessions.

First of all what do I mean? Admittedly I am equivocating on the meaning of ‘raising your voice’ in coaching. In the coaching context I mean by ‘raising your voice’ is not to speak loudly or yell. Yelling would make for some interesting coaching. Neh?

What I mean, of course, is that it is necessary that you raise your ‘inner voice’. It is critical that you allow your creative genius to speak. It is critical that your accumulated life wisdom be shared with your coach.

Why? Because that is what we are after. That’s the gold! As entrepreneurs it is critical that you are working from your strengths and from your passions. You are operating on the basis of your accumulated life wisdom. As you follow your passions and your creative desires you are working toward fulfillment. You are birthing of your ideas into reality. If your inner voice is not permitted to lead the conversation, then your coaching sessions will be stunted and unproductive.

This is a core point of Life Coaching from my humble point of view: to create a safe place and a safe conversation where your inner voice is allowed to come out and speak. One of our goals is to help you learn how to speak “You” fluently. When you are speaking from your genius and your wisdom you are speaking life over your existence. You are blessing your own existence. You are blessing whom God made you to be. Otherwise, everything else we attempt in our time together will feel labored and artificial. We will produce content that is more superficial and belonging to the surface of things rather than from the depths of the heart.

I want to challenge you to live out loud in our coaching sessions. I promise you that the benefits will outweigh the risks. You have a message inside you that flows from your creativity and accumulated life wisdom. We all need practice hearing ourselves speak. Let your inner voice be heard – loudly.

So Raise your Voice!

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Working toward your Prosperity and Wellness!

Steve Tanner

Steve Tanner (MDiv, CNSF, CTA CC) is a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator, a certified Life & Transformation Coach and a member of the Idaho Life Coach Association. Steve believes in the power of using writing and Meditation as tools for exploring your creativity as well as finding healing and transformation. For info about workshops and seminars contact or visit


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