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Hello Amazing human beings,

Steve Tanner here from Legacy Friends.

I talk about a lot “Stories that Catch Fire”.   But what do I mean that ? By personal “story” people often mean the sum total of what’s happened to them. And also add in their careers, job and obligations to their families. But is that who we really are? All those are important, really important…even precious. But if you tell me all about those things have you told me who you really are? I think Not necessarily.

Many people don’t know who they are as an individual….many people don’t know what they truly desire in life or what their own thoughts and feelings are apart from someone else. Many of us don’t even allow ourselves to feel some of the things that have happened to us…especially horrific things. We humans are really good at “stuffing it” and keeping things wound up tighter than a baseball. Then add to that the busy-ness of everyday life. It’s no wonder so many of us are either depressed or just plain numb.

But we are so much, much more than the sum of what’s happened to us and our obligations. And I don’t mean to minimize anybody’s pain. But I believe that at the vey center we have something else. Something precious and potent at the same time. In the center of our humanness is our drive to create. We are creators. That’s the way God made us. We are creators just like the Creator. It’s the way we bring order to the world around. We can write, paint, dance, play music, sculpt, build and invent. There are an infinite number of ways by which we put our stamp on the world. Creating is the way that we remove the chaos and the confusion from our lives. When we create we are saying “I want the world to look like this. I want the world to work this way.” We replace chaos and confusion with what is true to us.

When we tap into and release the creativity that lives in the core of our beings, our creative life can become the driving force in our lives – if we allow it! I want everybody to know this! As we exercise and nurture our creativity we start to identify more with our creative self than with what happens to us or what we face in the world around us. Our creativity becomes the driving force in our stories. When this happens our Stories Catch Fire because we catch fire! We are no longer numb. We are no longer in reactive mode. When our stories catch fire they we hear our own story more than any other story. This is our business as human beings. I want to read you a quotation by Gautama Siddartha (a totally heavy dude). I love this. He said, “Your work is to discover your work, and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” Your work is to nurture and exercise and release the creative forces within you…and then just go with it

Not only that, here’s something else I believe…. when our stories catch fire we start to ‘believe’ that our story is worth being heard by others. When our stories catch fire we realize that the world needs our message and energy. We believe that our stories will inspire others to do the same.

Let me ask you a question….How much time do you have to be you? Maybe today is your last day. Maybe tomorrow. The way I look at it everyday I get to pull air into my lungs I believe that God, the universe or however you think about it, has divinely appointed me and has divinely granted me the right to know, feel and tell my story. Now is my time to release my story to the world. Because I breathe my story should be heard – my story is worth hearing.

This is my purpose as a Life & Transformation Coach – to help others recover/discover and tap into their creative core. I love the idea of living from what I know to be my creative and true self. I love the idea of sharing this way of thinking with other people. I can teach you techniques for how to get going. Even if you have suffered trauma or had your emotions seriously ruptured, I can teach you techniques, especially through writing, to help you to get unlocked and start living intentionally from your creative core instead of just reacting to daily life. I have seminars and workshops coming up this spring and summer.

I would love to meet you! Plus I want to hear your story. I am committed to you having the most meaningful and significant conversations of your life.  If that sounds good to you, then contact me at and visit my website at  Thank you so much for listening. Steve Tanner here. Working for your Prosperity, peace and wellness.

Steve Tanner (MDiv, CNSF, CTA CC) is a  Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator, a Life & Transformation Coach and a member of the Idaho Life Coach Association. Steve believes in the power of using writing and Meditation as tools for exploring your creativity as well as finding healing and transformation. For info about workshops and seminars contact or visit


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