Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE®)

Perhaps you have  seen an animal shake and tremor after escaping from a life threatening attack.

TRE Class

This is a completely natural process that allows them to discharge the stress of the attack.  We humans do the same thing.  It is completely natural to shake just like our animal friends when we experience stress and traumatic events.  Tremoring is a natural and instinctual response to trauma as well as to everyday stress.

TRE® is an acronym for “Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises”.  TRE begins with a set of 7 exercises that moderately fatigue muscles in the ankles, legs and pelvis (iliopsoas) in order to activate our innate tension release system. The exercises induce mild neruo-muscular (neurogenic) tremoring.  Once the tremoring begins we then work to increase it in order to release locked in tension from stress and trauma. TRE does not claim to treat trauma and is not a substitute for talk therapy. However, TRE can help to release the raw energetic residue of traumatic events and chronic stress that remain trapped in our nervous system and muscles.

Who can benefit from TRE? TRE has been used in areas all over the planet that have experienced war and natural disasters. TRE can also be effective for 1st Responders such as Law Enforcement and Fire, for military, for teachers, hospice workers, EMTs, and people have suffered from violence. It’s possible that anyone dealing with traumatic residue and chronic, long term stress can benefit from TRE. To learn more about TRE go to