Personal Coaching

If you prefer to work in an individual setting you can learn all of what is offered in the workshops and the classes below.  Also in an individual setting we can go into more depth and detail and have more flexibility to fit your personal needs and goals. Or if you just would like to explore how to release your creativity or plan more effectively for your life, personal coaching may work best for you! Contact to learn more how I do personal coaching.


All of the workshops below can be done in a corporate, school or community setting.  Abbreviated versions of these workshops are available for luncheons, club meetings, lunch & learns or meetups.

Foundations of NeuroSculpting®

Neurosculpting® is a meditation practice that leverages the exciting recent discoveries of modern neuroscience. In this class you will learn how we can leverage the principle of neuroplasticity to actually rewire and re-map your brains in order to promote more positive thought patterns and release the negative. This is both exciting and hopeful for humanity! We will delve into the brain science of how your brain responds to your environment and how you can use that understanding to strategically renegotiate memories and negative beliefs. You will also learn how nutrition is important to healthy brain function. If you are seeking to learn how to calm your nervous system, better regulate your emotions and mitigate the effects of stress and trauma this class is for you.

This workshop is roughly half brain talk and half meditation practice.  We will do three NeuroSculpting® Meditations together.  This workshop is approximately 2.5 hours in length.  Upon completing this class you will possess a powerful tool to reshape your brain and your life for the better!

NeuroSculpting® and Your Health & Immunity

Ever since Watson & Crick wrote about the double helix model of human DNA in 1953 we have been taught that our genes determine our biology and our health.  The reality is that your biological destinies are not ruled strictly by our genes. Rather we are learning through the science of epigenetics that your health and immunity very much depends on your environment, our diets and even what we think.  Our thoughts and our emotions have direct impact on your immunity and genetic expression. Furthermore as our food supply is becomes more and more processed by large corporations and is genetically altered, it is more important than ever to understand how diet and nutrition impacts your health and your gut microbiome. If you suffer from chronic inflammation in your body, this class is for you!

This class offers you two powerful guided meditations to help you regulate your emotions and thoughts. Class length is approximately 2 hours.

NeuroSculpting®, Stress & Anxiety

We all know that the stress and anxiety keeps us from thinking effectively. We have trouble being logical and creative when we are under stress. Now we have science that explains why this happens. In this workshop we dive into the processes that our body goes through when we experience stress and anxiety.   Science also shows us that we have access to higher brain functions associated with creativity, intuition and logical clarity when we can tone down the parts of our brain that react to stress.   We also know from science how meditation stimulates these kinds of higher brain thinking.

In this workshop we will explore a powerful release meditation as well as learn some easy techniques calming our nervous systems down and regulating our emotions. Class length is approximately 2 hours.

Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE®)

Perhaps you have  seen an animal shake and tremor after escaping from a life threatening attack. This is a completely natural process that they go through to discharge the stress of the attack.  We humans are built the same way.  It is completely natural to shake just like our animal friends when we experience traumatic events.  But what happens when that shaking gets interrupted?  The stress and traumatic charge gets stuck in our nervous systems.

TRE® is an acronym for Tension Release Exercises.  TRE is a set of 7 exercises that moderately fatigue muscles in the ankles, legs and pelvis in order to induce neurogenic tremoring.  TRE allows us to resume discharging stress locked into our nervous systems in a completely natural and instinctive way simply by doing a few exercises.

To learn more about TRE go to

Write Who You Are

In this half-day workshop you will learn writing techniques that will help you unleash your voice. Writing is a powerful tool for hearing ourselves speak. Here’s the plain truth: the voice inside each one of us that reveals our true thoughts, feelings and creative energies gets muffled by life’s circumstances and drowned out by the expectations and the voices of others. We all need to be able to just hear ourselves.

How can writing be so powerful?  Because it’s private. You can say exactly what you feel and think and nobody has the right to edit your thoughts. You can speak what you have always want to speak. You can say it in the way to want to say it, say it the way you really and you don’t have to allow anyone to change your thoughts.  This is why writing is so powerful.

We often just need to hear questions that provoke our true voice.  So this workshop asks some of those questions and talks about the process of answering them.