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In coaching, my aim is to help others release their creative selves. I believe that every one of us have that creative compulsion within us.  It’s a very deep part of being human to want to release something that comes from deep inside us into the world.

We all have something that we want to get out there – whether it’s on a paint canvas, a song sheet, a workbench, in a book, while parenting, or what’s at the end of welding torch – we all want to put something out there. It’s human. It’s very satisfying and we see our value in it.

But I also believe that many of us go through life unaware of what that drive is. We know we have something to say but maybe are not too sure what that “it” is. Or maybe we do know what that “it” is but are too afraid that it won’t matter.

We are creative, but many of us, don’t understand this about ourselves or we don’t believe in our creative abilities.   I have found that meditation, writing, dream interpretation, speaking daily affirmations are helpful and productive tools to exercise and tap into the depths of our spirits. Listening to and exercising our spirits helps us find what that creative “it” is. These are all ways for us to hear ourselves and find out what we have to say and what we have to offer this world.

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Steve Tanner (MDiv, CNSF, CTA CC) is a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator, a certified Life & Transformation Coach and a member of the Idaho Life Coach Association. Steve believes in the power of using writing and Meditation as tools for exploring your creativity as well as finding healing and transformation. For info about workshops and seminars contact or visit


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